Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bricklin SV-1

The "SV" stands for "safety vehicle". That's why they have the big bumpers I guess. And the massive side beams for impact protection as well as the strong fibreglass body. The gull-wing doors are air powered. 2854 of them were built in their short production period of 2 years ending in 1975. They were built in New Brunswick in Canada. (Old Brunswick is a suburb of Melbourne). I quite like them although they say they don't go too hard. The 351 Windsor that they came standard with should help them along a bit.
Overheating issues were well known and were usually solved by fitting larger aluminium radiators like the one in the picture. (All very Nagari-ish).
I always thought you could have any colour you liked as long as it was white and then I saw this.
However, I did see a yellow Delorian in Melbourne once.
I wonder how many came to Australia. I know this bloke had one back in the day.
Here is the very car.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Grey stuff - 32

The shooting brake.

You're all familiar with the Jensen GT
.......and the Volvo P1800S
........and the Reliant Scimitar
........and, to a lesser extent, the BMW M coupe
.........but what about the Lotus Elan?
..........or the Porsche shooting brake?
...........or, for that matter, the Toyota F86 shooting brake concept, designed and made in Australia?
...........or even an Aston Martin?

............or Ferrari?
Here's a very old one.
No, this is a hearse.

It's this Saturday.

A momentous occasion.

After MANY years bringing a wrecked Tiga back to life (with a little bit of help from his friends), Ken's big day arrived on Sunday. And doesn't  it look magnificent?
Congratulations Ken.
 Here's the crew. Minus one (Sue, she's too busy taking photos of the others).
Doesn't the man himself look like Jim Richards standing up there.
Here's the power plant, a PP 12A that certainly does its job.

After a bit of a tryout the Monday before, Sunday was its big day. 1.17s out of the box, Ken must be pretty proud of that. I would.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The green Plymouth has a playmate.

Ah Chris........

It must be terrible to have stiff legs.

Maybe this would be better, Simon.

You'd just get a burned right elbow.

A first.

A Holden (or any other Australian designed and manufactured car for that matter) winning a prestigious international concours d'elegance outright against all comers, but that's what happened at the Motorclassica.
Mind you, the owner and restorer, Terry Smart,  has left no nut unturned in this immaculate restoration of the GTS 350. Valued at $300,000.00 I believe.

Kapunda - week 91.

This well-laden Plymouth was on its way back from the Nanua Picnic Race Meeting. Anyone who knows where Nanua is will know that this is no mean feat. Nanua is in the middle of nowhere and accessible from any direction by dirt tracks. From here you go to Morgan, cross the Murray, and then struggle roughly North-East along this track, made even trickier by the rains we have been having. Anyway, Nanua hold this quarter horse event and a contingent of SA Chrysler Restorers decided to go and have a camp out. There was even a Dodge 4 among them.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meanwhile, at Wigley Reserve.

All French Day 2016.

Happy in its new home in Gosford.

Among new friends.
The Mark 7 with Nagari doors.